Resource of the Month

Each month, the Together 2 Goal® campaign will feature a tool or resource critical to the management of Type 2 diabetes.


August - Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS)

Per several requests following last month’s webinar, we are sharing the Behavioral Diabetes Institute’s Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS). The DDS is a 17-item scale that captures four critical dimensions of distress: emotional burden, regimen distress, interpersonal distress, and physician distress. First published in 2005, it is used around the world as a clinical instrument for opening conversations with one’s patients and as a critical outcome measures in numerous studies.

This copyrighted scale is available free of charge to nonprofit institutions for use in clinical care and research. However, payment of a per-use licensing fee is required for all for-profit companies and other for-profit institutions. To find out more about licensing procedures and fees in regards to for-profit organizations, please contact the Behavioral Diabetes Institute at

Nonprofit institutions can download a pdf of the DDS here.

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